About WES

The Water and Environmental Sanitation Network (WES Network) is a membership based Civil Society network that coordinates the work of NGOs working in the water, sanitation and Hygiene subsector in Malawi.  It recognizes the role of Water and Sanitation in economic development and poverty reduction. WES Network was established in 2005 and got registered with Malawi Government in 2011. WES Network’s head office is in Lilongwe with representation across the country by its member organizations. To date the WES Network has a membership of over 50 local and international NGO across Malawi.

WES Network envisions sustainable access to safe water and improved sanitation for all in Malawi. Its mission is enhanced coordination, advocacy and knowledge sharing among Network membership for provision of high quality standards and sustainable water and environmental sanitation services in Malawi guided by universal right to safe water and sanitation. It is guided by such core values as Inclusiveness; Unity of purpose; Openness; Transparency and Accountability; Tolerance and Equity; Solidarity; Quality Standards; Efficiency and Effectiveness, Trust and Feedback.


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